Fight with my right

If you split me directly in half lengthwise right now, on the left side you would have a perfectly healthy person, but on the right side you would have Quasimodo. Almost every single joint on my right is experiencing some trauma at the moment, as well as bruised ribs and a tweaked back. Perhaps the fact that I am not ambidextrous has led to this lop-sided pain?

QuasimodoI’m being forced to take some time off from training due to minor injuries again, and it seems as though I never take enough time off to let an injury heal before adding a new one. Two weeks is usually the maximum amount of time I’ve gone without training, except for last year when I took six weeks off for a broken wrist (which of course, was the right one). I’ve found that during the first couple of weeks I can’t wait to get back, but if I’m away for more than that, I will start getting lazy and unmotivated, so I usually go back before I’m fully healed.

I probably should not have gone to Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class last Sunday, but it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to beat my husband up in public, in front of a sheriff’s deputy, and not get in trouble for it! I think every Jiu-Jitsu injury I’ve ever sustained has happened while I was grappling, and since Ethridge class is often 90% grappling (against a strong-ass mofo!), it’s high-risk for me. I’m feeling old, fragile, and frustrated. My left side needs to start taking up some of the slack, and give my right side a break!


2 comments on “Fight with my right

  1. Agng is not for the chicken-hearted, that's for sure. Injuries are frustrating, so I understand the need to hop back onto the mat before you are fully healed. But maybe you can just go to class to watch after your initial two week respite? Just a thought (it got me though a 6-week post-surgical layoff).Heal fast :-)

  2. Thanks, Felicia! I find it somewhat hard to just watch, because I always want to join in, but it's better than nothing. :-)

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