Amy isn’t going to be there for Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class again tomorrow, so I’m going to get another shot at teaching Joe. This time I’m trying to go into it with a better game plan, so I asked Conan if he had any advice for me.  Here’s the abridged version of what he said:

Keep it simple. Do lots of repetitions. Pick something that you feel comfortable with. 

Have a theme so that everything you work on is related in some way. One way to create a theme is to link techniques together.

Don’t think you have to cover a wide range of techniques. Sometimes I spend an entire class just on how to do an armbar. Sometimes the focus is on all the little details, such as squeezing thighs together and extending hip. Sometimes the focus is on the same armbar, just different entries.

Did I mention, keep it simple.

I still haven’t decided exactly what I want to work on, but in keeping with the idea of “teach what you know” I’m leaning more towards guard work, maybe something along the lines of transitioning from kimura to omoplata, because I feel pretty confident in my knowledge in that area, and Joe could benefit from it. The class I taught last week was so unfocused and random that really anything we do tomorrow will be an improvement. Keep it simple, stupid!


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