That rap crap

As a lily white lady who has enjoyed rap since the early ’80s, I have actually been asked by some white people why I like “black music”. I should have said “Why are you such a fucking racist? What about The Beastie Boys and Enimem, is it okay if I just listen to them? I also like blues and jazz, is that black music, or does it meet your approval for white people to listen to? I need to know these things if I’m going to be a proper cracker!”. One thing I definitely don’t miss about my time living in The South is being called a “Wigger”.

When people from my “own race” hated on me for liking “black things”, I had to look no further than my own father for guidance. He ran away from home when he was thirteen, and he ended up on the streets of Kansas City (I think he had heard there were some crazy little women there, and he wanted to get him one ;). Many of the people who helped him out during that time were black. They didn’t care that he was white, they saw a child in need, and they took him in. What’s not to love about that?

I like rap for two main reasons: the beats and the poetry. Many people are too offended by some of the subject matter and profanity to be able to see the true artistry at play. As with all music, there is some crap out there, but I see good rappers as modern day bards, and I have never been as disturbed by anything I’ve ever heard in a rap song as I am with the content of movies such as “Saw”. As far as the “N” word goes, I don’t think it’s my place to decide, but I certainly don’t repeat it when I sing along. I appreciate rap as an art form, and I don’t care what anyone thinks about that.

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2 comments on “That rap crap

  1. Well, as a brown woman who is only into old school stuff (think Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five and the Sugar Hill Gang – yep, I'm THAT old) AND AC/DC, I can identify with your post, Gina. I get the side-eye when "my people" hear me talk about "Back in Black" being on my all-time favorite top 10 list. So what I like Pat Benatar! Black girls rock, too :-)

  2. I'm that old, too, my love of rap started with the old school. I ♥ all kinds of music, and I hate it when people pigeonhole others. You definitely rock, Felicia! :-)

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