Bye Bye Birdie

Lori VP

My sister Lori is the neglected middle child, the Jan to my Marcia, and I hate to admit it, but when we were growing up, I wasn’t always a very good big sister. I mean, I did chase down and beat up bullies who picked on her, but I also teased her a fair amount myself. She was a gullible child, and when my mom would send me out to get her when it was time to come home, I would always say “Come on, we’re going to Dairy Queen.”, and Lori would get all excited. We never, ever, actually went to Dairy Queen, but she fell for it every time!

Tweety and SylvesterLori and I shared a room when we were younger, which drove me a little insane, because I am quiet and internal, while Lori is vocal and external. Even though I loved her a lot, I can’t tell you how many times I just wished she would go away! Now after having her near me for most of my life, she will soon be moving out of state, and I regret all of the times I wished she would leave. Even though I am technically the oldest, Lori has always been more mature than I am, and it’s been comforting to have her around.

For all the times I picked on her, and lied to her about Dairy Queen, she never held it against me! When we were kids, stores would sometimes hand out candy if you went up to the counter, and since I was too shy to ask for my own, Lori would always request an extra piece for her “big seestwo”. My childhood wouldn’t have been nearly as sweet without her! I’m not saying I want to go back to sharing a room, but I will miss having her nearby.

I wish Tweety Bird luck on her new adventure (not that she’ll need it, she succeeds at everything she does!). She’s always been an awesome sister, and she deserves nothing but the best. I would try to talk her into staying in Nebraska by telling her I’ll take her to Dairy Queen, but she’s much too wise for that now!


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