Don’t gloat!

We did positional grappling drills for all of Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class yesterday, and at one point I managed to get Joe in mount, which I have to tell you is not a small feat for me (and it might have been the only thing I did well during the entire class!). After I accomplished this Herculean task, I raised my arms as if to say “I’m the queen of the world!”, and while I was distracted, Joe took the opportunity to reverse me. I said “Hey, I was gloating, you’re not allowed to do anything to me while I’m gloating!”, and then we all decided that would be the new rule for Ethridge class. Yeah right, Amy and Joe both told me I got what I deserved!

I was just having fun with my husband, but I have actually seen someone do that very same thing in a grappling competition, they raised their arms triumphantly to the crowd after they mounted their opponent. I thought it was distasteful, because it’s not very sportsmanlike. When The Doggfather was reffing at the last State Games, I saw him chastise a competitor for gloating. In my personal experience, it was bad enough the one time when my opponent ran off of the mat to high-five her teammates after beating me, before she shook my hand, or even had her own hand raised in victory.

It isn't whether you win or lose, it's how you go insane.When I gloated to Joe yesterday, it was in a playful, joking manner, and when he took advantage of it, the joke was on me! If you absolutely must gloat, at least wait until the fight is over. A long time ago a man in a leather suit warned me about the perils of gloating, if only I’d have listened.

I just remembered another thing I did well against Joe yesterday! When I started from back mount, I was able to transition from a failed triangle attempt to an armbar and submit him, but I’m certainly not going to gloat about it, especially since during the course of the class he armbarred me about four times, and also one wrist lock, and a choke or two…but who’s counting? Now you see why I got so excited about just getting mount!


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