I’ve been so sick this week that I was pretty sure I had caught the virus which would lead to my death, and then cause me to return as a zombie.  I was convinced the zombie apocalypse had begun, which was kind of exciting, but then I was mad because instead of getting to kill zombies, I was going to be one!  All of the preparation I’ve put into learning the best ways to kill zombies would have been for nothing.

Luckily, it turns out I just have a bad cold, so it probably won’t kill me.  That’s a really good thing, because since I’m a trained ginja, I imagine I would make one hell of a zombie.  I’m glad no one is going to have to try to protect their brains from me.

If I was a zombie, I think the first place I would probably attack is Jiu-Jitsu class.  Let’s see those guys try to choke me while I’m biting their faces off!  The last people I would want to attack are the Kobudo students, their weapons are all capable of doing some serious zombie damage!  Actually, even though all of the ginormous brains at the dojo would be very tempting to my zombie self, I would probably be better off just avoiding it altogether, and heading down to Walmart or something.

I haven’t grappled for a week.  If this stupid cold isn’t gone soon, I think I would rather just turn into a zombie than have to suffer any longer.

“My mama always told me someday I’d be good at something. Who’d a guessed that something’d be zombie-killing?” -Tallahassee
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3 comments on “Zombie

  1. Let's see those guys try to choke me while I'm biting their faces off! —————–Eerrr, if they're trying to choke you, you may want to leave them and go look for people with larger brains. Zombies don't need to breathe.

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