The Book

Professor X
Sensei Gorman is also our
head Kobudo instructor.

I haven’t been to a Friday night adult Karate class in a couple of years, but for my first few years of training, I went to almost every single one.  Not surprisingly, Friday isn’t a popular night for training, and there were many occasions when class would consist of just Sensei Gorman, Ken, and myself.  I’m sure the fact that Professor X is known for running a highly physical class has absolutely nothing to do with the low attendance!

The benefit to me of being taught by Sensei Gorman in those small classes was enormous.  I was able to become comfortable around him in a short amount of time, which allowed me to better soak up some of the vast knowledge he has to offer.  His nickname around the dojo is “The Book”, because he can remember just about everything, all of the time.  He’s also most often Shihan’s go-to person to demonstrate.

Sensei Gorman has been training martial arts for about thirty years, yet he is still physically able to do everything, and do it well!  I’m sure his ability to remember the details is partially due to his time training, but I’ve also seen him on the floor at convention still writing things down after everyone else left.  He is one of those people who is really talented, but equally humble. He quietly and consistently does a lot for the dojo, and I really can’t express how much he has helped and taught me personally.

I call him Professor X because he’s the main teacher of the Friday night mutants.  He’s also an intelligent and intuitive person, and sometimes it almost feels like he’s reading my mind, especially when we spar!  One time when I rushed in to attack him, I felt something hit the back of my head, and I thought someone had sneaked up from behind, but no, Sensei Gorman had just kicked me in the back of the head, and I never saw it coming.  He has the X factor!


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