You got to have a K.O.B. if you wanna roll with me

I don’t utilize knee-on-belly very often.  Well, it’s really more like never.  I usually just try to go straight to mount from side control, but Conan says we should not neglect KOB, not only for the points in competition, but because it is a great position in and of itself.  I know I hate being put in it, so I think he has a point.

I’m not sure why I have largely ignored knee-on-belly, but it probably has something to do with feeling as though it wouldn’t work well for me.  When I first learned it, I think I wrote it off because it didn’t seem as though I would be able to effectively control a larger person with it. Whenever I tried to use it, I didn’t have a lot of success, so I gave up on it.

Then the last time we practiced KOB in Jiu-Jitsu class, I realized there was something I was doing wrong, which made a big difference in how it worked for me.  David Danger pointed out that I was not putting all of my weight on the knee I had on him, because I was leaving my toes on the ground.  I wasn’t even aware I was doing that, and once I stopped bracing on my foot, I was even able to keep The Hulk down for a decent amount of time!

Conan had gone over a “subtle” way to get to KOB, and one of my seniors said they wished he had showed us that a long time ago, because they always just tried to pop up into it from side control, but that almost never worked.  I was surprised the student didn’t remember that Conan had indeed showed us that technique before, on several occasions.  It seems as though each person picks up on different details whenever we practice something.

So, hello KOB, nice to meet you.  I’m sorry for not giving you the time of day until now.  I think we’re going to have to start hanging out more often!


4 comments on “You got to have a K.O.B. if you wanna roll with me

  1. I use KOB a *lot*, and I never put all my weight on it. I just slide that knee in there and start counting. Often the person does not notice that I have KOB until well after 3 seconds. Points: mine. As long as you are in the technically correct position, you don't *have* to try to pin/bow them there.As a tiny person, I really like to be mobile and non-committed on top- bouncing from side control to KOB to S-mount to the other side, etc. I can collect a lot of points by sneaking a few KOB's in there.

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