Ask Me About My Bruises

A couple of years ago I bought an awesome t-shirt from Eric Parsons, a member of our SRSK Karate Organization, who is based out of Missouri.  He is the head of the Karate 4 Life Foundation, a non-profit that promotes life skills development and helps battle HIV/AIDS in Uganda, through martial arts.  They’ve been selling the t-shirts to raise funds, and I bought one because I believe in their cause, and I also really like the shirt!

I figured having a shirt that says “ask me about my bruises” might at least cut down on the number of strangers looking at me with pity, and at most allow me to talk to people about martial arts.  So far Conan is the only person to ever actually ask me about my bruises when I was wearing the shirt, and he was just being a smartass, because he’s probably the one who gave them to me.

Now the legendary Master Ken has given his approval to Karate 4 Life, and he featured the t-shirts in one of his videos!  Master Ken doesn’t often advertise t-shirts, but when he does, they have a greater purpose.


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