Wardrobe malfunctions

Spongebob Rippedpants

Yesterday after Jiu-Jitsu class my husband came to the dojo to help with youth Judo, but he forgot his gi pants.  My Judo gi was in my locker, so I loaned him my pants.  We decided to roll in the short time we had between classes, and when I was passing his guard I grabbed his pants and pinned his knee to the mat.  As he tried to move his leg I heard a rip, and I was like “I tore your pants.”, but then I realized they were my pants!  Crap.  Those pants have been through a lot, and I guess they finally had enough.

I had already changed out of my Jiu-Jitsu gi before we decided to roll, and to save time I just threw my gi pants back on, and grappled in the sweater I was wearing.  After a minute, I remembered why I like rashguards so much.  For one thing, they usually stay where they’re supposed to!  At the point when my sweater almost came off over my head, I decided that was enough wardrobe malfunctions for one day and called it quits.  There were children watching, for goodness sake!

One of the kids asked me to stay for the youth Judo class, and I considered it until I remembered that Joe was wearing my Judo pants.  I didn’t think my black Jiu-Jitsu pants would be allowed in Judo (or at least that’s the excuse I gave the boy ;).

“Your uniform was especially designed for the body, and for the art you study. Therefore, it is the best attire to wear.”


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