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Kori came back to women’s Jiu-Jitsu class yesterday, and I think she’s going to stay around for awhile!  We focused on mount escape theory, and I was afraid we might have overloaded her with too much information, but after I got home she sent me a message saying she remembered all of the escapes we worked on, and she wrote them down!

The majority of class consisted of me mounting her as she practiced the escapes, with increased resistance.  Amy told her that some of the escapes were more difficult to execute against me because I am a smaller person, and she would find them easier to do against someone bigger.  Kori responded “So, if I learn to do them against Gina, they’ll work on anyone!”.

At one point when Kori was supposed to chose which escape to use, Amy said I was being a bad partner because I was positioned on the center of her body with my feet tucked under her (which is my preferred mount these days), therefore I was too high for her to do the first three escapes we had practiced, and too low for the fourth.  However, I pointed out that this was a good opportunity to show her how to wriggle herself into position for the desired escape, regardless of how I was mounted.  Though maybe it was too soon for that, I don’t want to overwhelm her.

Having a new student in our women’s Jiu-Jitsu class again is awesome!  Learning Jiu-Jitsu can sometimes be frustrating, especially at the beginning, when there’s so much you don’t know.  Kori has a great attitude, and a strong desire to learn, so we’re really excited to share everything we know with her.  Somehow I previously missed the detail about her husband being a wrestler, so now I’m looking forward to teaching her some submissions, then one day hearing her say she tapped him out with one! ;)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to submit my own husband when we rolled after the women’s class.  I was probably ahead a brazillion points to zero, but then he got me with a gi choke that I did not take seriously enough.  Technically I did not lose, since he let go before I tapped (because he knew I was choking), but I still think I could’ve gotten out of it…I guess now we’ll never know.


6 comments on “Sharing is caring

  1. I would've tapped before I napped, but I will admit you had me trapped. You shouldn't threaten to ginger snap,unless you're prepared to battle rap!

  2. I can do better than the flap of your yap. Put u flat on your back as you feel the mat slap.I'm on the attack, feel my attitude smack.Your rap is crack-whack so suck on that

  3. Ha! Ken, that's especially funny considering Kitsune's blog post yesterday…"Ringworm is red Mat tape is blue Turf toe is purple Now my belt is too." -SavageKitsune

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