Tag, you’re a zombie

Zombie Scarecrow wants brains!One of the more popular games that Joe and I played with the kids during our Halloween Karate class was Zombie Tag.  We separated the class into two groups, with half starting as survivors and the other as zombies.  Then the survivors got in a group in the middle, and the zombies spread out around the perimeter.  The survivors are allowed to run, but the zombies can only walk slowly, and if they touch a survivor they’re immediately turned into a zombie.  One of the kids asked if the zombies would then turn into survivors, but I had to tell him “No, once a zombie, always a zombie.”

At first it didn’t seem as though any of the survivors would get tagged, but one by one they all fell.  As more people were turned into zombies, it snowballed.  I was impressed with how the zombie children figured out that they could work together to corner the survivors.  I was also impressed that I didn’t see any of the survivors sacrificing one of their own to save themselves from the zombies!

After everyone became zombified, we split back into our original groups and did it again, with the kids who started out as zombies the first time being survivors the second time, and vice versa.  Everyone in class thought the game was awesome, and I think the most important thing we learned is that during a zombie tag apocalypse, everyone eventually turns into a zombie.  You can prolong it for awhile, but in the end, the zombies always win.

 Zombieland Tag Survival Rule #1: Cardio

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