2 Stupid Dogs

Stupid fortune cookie

I’ve written before about people asking me why I seem to get injured so often, and I said that I think the reason is because I am a hopeless klutz.  Another contributing factor could be that I sometimes do stupid things, such as sticking my arm out to catch myself when I’m being thrown.

Another example of my stupidity leading to injury happened yesterday when I was attempting to catch my Houdini dog Jay, who escaped from the backyard again.  As I searched the neighborhood to find him, I took one of the other dogs out on a leash to lure Jay to me, which totally worked.  Then when he got close enough, I crouched down to try to catch him by grabbing his collar.  That might have also worked if Bear (the dog I had on the leash) had not suddenly lunged forward at that exact moment, causing me to crash to my knees on the sidewalk.

The funniest part is that after I got up I simply told Jay to come, and he followed Bear and I all the way back home and into the house.  Maybe I should have just done that in the first place.  I suppose I should be glad that as I was falling to my knees I didn’t try to catch myself and break my wrist again, which would have been almost exactly one year to the day that I did that.  I also managed to not face-plant into the pavement yesterday, so that’s a plus.

My knees are scraped and bruised, but nothing hurts more than realizing I was made a fool of by a couple of dogs.  At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that if Skyler’s turtle ever manages to escape, I should be able to catch it without injuring myself in the process.


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