The thoughts and views expressed on this blog are solely those of Gina Ethridge and/or Ginger the Annihilator, and do not necessarily reflect the those of John Roseberry-Shihan, anyone in the SRSK Organization, or the people of the State of Nebraska.

Mrs. Ethridge does not have any advanced degrees, nor does she claim to be an expert at anything. Ginger the Annihilator has no known super powers (unless you count awesomisity) and she is usually more of a villain than a hero. Most of what you will read here are the random ramblings of a reckless rebel who doesn’t even follow her own advice.

Do not attempt to perform anything you see or read about on this blog, unless under the supervision of a qualified professional. Especially not rapping, it’s harder than it seems.

Enter at your own risk. Not responsible for lost or stolen items. You break it, you buy it.  Absolutely no zombies allowed.

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