American Idiot

I probably could’ve participated in the entire Midwest Convention yesterday, and went to Jiu-Jitsu class today, if I was not so incredibly stupid.  I had been doing a good job of protecting my injured calf at the beginning of the workout,  I was modifying the drills so that the injury was painful but bearable.  Then I let my pride get the better of me.

About three hours into it, we were practicing fitting in and lifting for a hip toss, and I was not bending my knees as much as I should’ve been, because it was causing pain to both my calf and knee (yeah, that’s still not fully healed, either).  My partner was smaller than me (for a change), so to properly do the throw I had to be very low.  I quickly realized that was not going to work with my injury, so I was just doing the best I could.  Then an instructor came over and chided me for not going low enough, and when I told him I was compensating for an injury, he gave me a look that I interpreted to mean “You’re just making excuses”.  That caused my ego to feel the need to prove that I did know how to do the throw.  Can you guess what happened next?

If you said “You were a dumbass and tweaked your injury while doing the throw, causing you to miss out on the entire rest of the days training.”, then you are correct.  “You were an idiot.” would have also been acceptable.  Do not do as I have done.

My mom thinks I’m an idiot for putting an anaconda around
my neck, but I had to, because a boy dared me.
She doesn’t understand how dares work!

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