The Honeymooners

When Joe and I got married, one of our friends gave us a bottle of mead, which is supposed to be good luck.  The tradition of giving mead as a wedding gift is how “honeymoon” got it’s name.  Mead is made from honey, and after the wedding the newlyweds would hopefully have enough mead to stay drunk for the next month, or “moon”.

My honeymoon with Jiu-Jitsu lasted considerably longer than a month, and at times it made me so giddy that it’s almost like I was drunk on mead!  It was new and exciting, and I wanted to spend as much time with Jiu-Jitsu as possible.  Everything about it was fascinating to me, and thinking about it would often keep me up at night.

Now my Jiu-Jitsu honeymoon is over.  The love is still there, but it has changed.  I don’t feel the same excitement that I used to, and I’m realizing that maintaining this relationship is going to take some work.  I do still get giddy at times, but other times I go to class and I think “Oh, it’s just you again.”

Even though I have moved past the honeymoon phase, I’m still just as committed to Jiu-Jitsu as ever.  Joe and I have been together through thick and thin for twenty-one years (and we technically never even had a honeymoon!), so I’m not the type of person who quits when the going gets tough.  All honeymoons have to end sometime.  Eventually you run out of mead, and then you have to sober up and deal with reality.

“One of these days…bang, pow, to the moon, Ginger!” -Jiu-Jitsu

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