School listI decided to take a look at the competitor list for the upcoming Best of the Best BJJ tournament, and I realized that I am the only person from my school who is signed up to compete. This makes me a little sad, not only because I would really like to see more of my teammates competing in tournaments outside of our school, but also because one is the loneliest number!  How the heck am I supposed to win the team award all by myself?  Amy won’t be there to coach me, and although I do think Conan and Ray will be at the tournament, they’ll be busy reffing.  At least Joe will be there, so I won’t be totally alone.

There are four women signed up in the division I entered, the only problem is that there is no way I am going to make weight.  I entered at 118<, but I’ve been gaining weight over the past couple of months (for no explicable reason), and my current weight is 125.  Also, I thought they didn’t weigh in gi, but they do, so that will add a few pounds.  I’m not a big fan of cutting weight, and I’m not even going to try.  There is no one signed up in the next two weight classes above that (129< and 141<), so it looks like I will most likely be competing against a blue belt who weighs between 141-152 pounds, and who was the female absolute winner at the last tournament.

I can’t really blame my teammates for not wanting to compete, because I don’t want to, either.  I really, really don’t!  I should not have looked at the competitor list, because now in addition to my normal panic attacks, I am worried about injury.  I wish I had never signed up.  For reals.

Anxiety Girl!

2 comments on “One

  1. One of the consistent problem issues in BJJ everywhere- not enough women competing- is causing you hassles here. (small brackets, combining weight brackets, women looking at the small field and thinking "I won't even bother," young girls looking at the lack of women at comps and thinking "Obviously BJJ is not for girls")YOU are improving/helping the "not enough women competing" problem just by showing up. Even if we suck, even if we lose, we have a responsibility to better the sport just by showing up and representing. That is accomplishing something important all by itself.

  2. Thanks Kitsune, I know you're right. That's really one of the reasons I signed up early, so that other women would be encouraged to sign up as well. There are actually more women entered in this tournament than I have ever seen locally, so it's encouraging.

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