Doin’ It

Well, I’ve tried everything I can think of to get out of competing in the Jiu-Jitsu tournament next Saturday, but “they” won’t let me.  I even pulled a calf muscle (which Amy thinks I’m faking, and I wish I was) so I could use the injury as an excuse to not compete, but I was told that if I try to back out of the tournament, I will be hog-tied, thrown in the car, and driven to Omaha against my will.  I can’t even call the police and report the kidnapping threat, because, well, it was a sheriff who ordered Joe to do it!

My Jiu-Jitsu medals

I decided to figure out exactly what my competition record is so far, and I was actually pleasantly surprised when I looked at the numbers.  Out of twenty-five matches, I have won ten and lost fifteen.  All but four of those were by submission. I’ve only won two, and lost two, by points.  My record is not as bad as I thought.

I’ve really just been lacking in motivation lately, but having Amy tell me that backing out of the competition is not an option seems to have shifted something in my brain.  I know that no matter what might happen in my matches, the only way I can really disappoint anyone is if I don’t compete at all.  I’m not 100% right now (but really, when have I ever been?) but I don’t have any reason to not do the tournament, except for fear.

So, it looks like I’m going to be competing on the 20th.  I only have six days to find my awesome!  I’m pretty sure that it’s somewhere on the mat, so I guess I’ll need to spend a lot of time there looking for it this week.


5 comments on “Doin’ It

  1. I will also be competing on 10/20/12 (karate tourney). Thanks for pointing out there there are only 6 days left. Thanks a lot…You'll be amazing, I just know it!

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