Bring It On Home

When we bought mats for our house six months ago, we didn’t really have a good idea as to where to put them, and the only place with enough room was in the home office (which is really just a small area adjacent to the living room).  With the office stuff in there, the mats barely fit, and without a door on the room, it was hard to keep the dogs off of them.  It was kind of a pain to actually use the mats.

Now we’ve finally made the room fully functional, by moving the office out of there, and building a half-wall to enclose the mats.  We put bamboo railing on the top part of the wall, and we also put a rail across the open side of the mat, to keep the dogs away.  Now the room has become our own personal mini dojo, and I love it! 

I never envisioned that one day I would have a room in my house dedicated to training martial arts, but now it just seems logical.  I’m glad that Joe and I finally came up with a plan and implemented it (ok, he came up with the plan, and he also did most of the work).  It’s been a nice project to work on this week while I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to make it to the actual dojo.  Sometimes I find myself just wanting to go sit in there, because the room has such a nice vibe to me now.  I believe our new room is going to get a lot of use!


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