Are You There, Jiu-Jitsu? It’s Me, Ginger

I often have conversations with Jiu-Jitsu, which usually involve me asking why Jiu-Jitsu is being mean to me, but our most recent conversation took a decidedly different turn…

G: I’m sorry.

JJ: Yes, you are.

G: No, I mean I apologize.

JJ: For being sorry?

G: Well, yes, and also for not respecting you enough.

JJ: Go on.

G: I haven’t given you enough credit, I expected that you would be easier for me to figure out than you are.  I thought that after three years I would feel as though I understood you better, but I didn’t fully realize just how complex you are.

JJ: You got that right!

G: The thing is, you are always changing, evolving, growing.  Now I realize that every time I think I have an understanding of you, you just show me another side that I haven’t seen before, so I can never catch up.

JJ: I will always be several steps ahead of you, mortal.

G: I know, and honestly I think that’s one of the main reasons you fascinate me, I can’t imagine you ever being boring.  If I thought I could easily catch you, I might tire of the chase.  So, even though your elusiveness frustrates me at times, it’s also the very thing that keeps me hooked.

JJ: Great, now go train, because while we were having this conversation, I just came up with seven new types of guard!

G: Yes, Ma’am.


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