Mysterious Ways

On my way home from our Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class today, I stopped at the store to pick up some milk, and a nice lady behind me in line said “Oh honey, you’re bleeding!”  I had a small mat burn on my elbow that I didn’t realize had opened up.  I was very tempted to respond “It’s okay, I was just fighting with my husband.”

Things went better in class today, meaning that I didn’t become too annoyed and tell Joe that I hated him (which has happened on more than one occasion).  We worked on mount, which I am definitely better at than side control (both holding and escaping).  I have recently realized that one of my biggest problems in Jiu-Jitsu is not keeping my hips down.  I have good side to side shrimping-type hip motion, but I’m not good at pressing my hips forward, or down, as the case may be.  Since I’ve been working really hard to correct that, my hips and back hurt in ways they never have before.

He moves in mysterious waysI was actually able to submit Joe twice today, with straight armbars.  The first one was from mount, while we were doing full-resistance grappling drills.  The second was during our final epic match, and it was from scarf hold.  That’s right, I was ON TOP!  Of course, every time I tried to go to guard Amy was right there to yell at me, so that might have helped.  We started that match from standing, and after several half-assed attempts to take him down, I tried to jump guard, but he defended and got me in side control.  Amy said “That’s what you get for trying to pull guard, look where you are now!”  Yeah well, I got out of it, and I subbed him!  Ha!

I do feel bad that I put the first armbar on too fast, and it tweaked his elbow a little bit.  He’s usually so hard to submit that I didn’t expect it to come on so quick.  Amy remarked that neither one of my armbars were “textbook”, and she was surprised that the first one even worked.  I actually find that to be encouraging, because although I did not have the “ideal” conditions (mainly due to the fact that Joe moves in mysterious ways), I was still able to figure out how to get him to tap.  And not with conscious thought, either, I didn’t have to think about it at all, I just did it!

“I never try anything,  I just do it.  And I don’t beat clocks, just people!  Wanna try me?” -Varla


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