The Day the Music Died

One of my goals for Jiu-Jitsu class yesterday was to take Kitsune’s advice and try to alleviate my over-thinking by singing to myself while I rolled, but I largely failed.  I totally forgot about it at first.  Since I was rolling with a white belt I figured I had no excuse for playing my same tired game, so at the beginning of our first roll I was constantly thinking “don’t pull guard!”.  Then after I tried to take top position and failed, we scrambled and he ended up in my guard anyway.  At that point I remembered about the singing, and it actually worked pretty well as he spent some time trying to pass.  I had told myself before we rolled that I wasn’t going to try to submit him, so I just wanted to flow into a reversal or sweep, but he defended well, and the second he started to pass my guard, I panicked and the music stopped.  He proceeded to side control, then mount, and he subbed me with a kimura.

I started our next roll by letting him get me in his guard, which it turns out was a mistake, because it wasn’t long before he tapped me with a straight armbar.  I told you that if you give a white belt six months of training, they will be submitting me, and Jordan’s been around at least that long!  On our third and final roll, I just resorted to pulling him into spider guard, and I remembered to start singing to myself again.  It was working beautifully until he distracted me by saying “Man, I hate spider guard!”, and I started trying to help him figure out how to break my sleeve grips, then we ran out of time.

Well, when I actually remembered to sing to myself, it worked pretty well, but I only seemed to be able to do that for short periods of time when I was in a dominate position.  Whenever I felt threatened, my brain was not able to focus on anything else, and not even in a productive way, but more like “oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!”.  Something to work on.

So, what song was I singing inside my head?  This one…

“Be kind to me, or treat me mean, I’ll make the most of it, I’m an extraordinary machine.”


3 comments on “The Day the Music Died

  1. Interesting experiment.I guess I was doing kind of a similar thing yesterday rolling with Casey, since we were "flow rolling" at his suggestion, just going light and not trying to get subs- if we got choke grips or something, we just let them go again and kept rolling. It was more like playing or dancing than fighting. I felt pretty relaxed and did not seem to be thinking overmuch, since the situation did not present pressure to perform.I find it funny that even though you and I seem to have a lot of the same challenges, you're presently thinking "Don't pull guard! Don't pull guard!" and I'm presently thinking "Don't forget to pull guard! Don't forget to pull guard!" Ha ha.

  2. LOL!I was actually pretty nervous before I rolled with Jordan, because I don't remember ever rolling with him before, and I have trust issues concerning white belts. I was pleased to find out that I can now add him to the "safe" list. ;)

  3. This is good advice in judo too. It's hard to tense up if you're singing or humming. And if you do it out loud, it throws off your opponent. You can't do it out loud in a tournament though.

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