To gi or not to gi…

Amy couldn’t make it to teach Jiu-Jitsu class yesterday, so I went to the morning no gi class instead, and it reconfirmed my position that I hate no gi.  Okay, I don’t really hate it, although I do not like it when the two words are all mashed into one; “nogi”, because that reminds me of eggnog, which is disgusting.

It’s not that I don’t like no gi, it’s just that it sucks.  Let me rephrase that: it’s not that I don’t like no gi, it’s just that I suck at it.  I do the majority of my training in gi, and I would even wrestle a greased pig if you put a gi on it!  (Disclaimer: I lied, I would not do that).

I prefer gi because no gi is all sweaty and slippery.  It’s much more personal, body parts replace gis as something to hold onto.  All of the techniques that involve the use of clothing are taken out of play, and many of the rest are hard to pull off when both of you are sliding around in a pool of your own sweat. Maybe I should call it “nogi”, because it can be kind of disgusting, too.  Don’t even get me started on the ringworm factor.

Joe said I should just wear a gi to no gi class, but I said “Oh, hell no!”  I’m not going to wear and gi and go grapple with someone who isn’t wearing one, that’s no fair!  I suppose if I did do that, it could improve my game, but the purpose of no gi class is to train without a gi, and I should do it more often.  I want to lessen my dependance on my security blanket.  I believe that it’s important to train in both gi and no gi, because each of them has something different to offer.


One comment on “To gi or not to gi…

  1. I "hate" math because I don't understand it very well and feel inept with it.Every time I find myself saying "I hate no-gi," I remind myself that the only reason I really "hate" it is because I feel inadequate at it.Math, I have pretty much chosen to let go. I can balance my checkbook, We have computers and calculators and H&R Block, and I don't have to pass any more math tests. No-gi, I _CHOOSE_ to continue to pursue because I know that it will improve my total martial arts skill.

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