Return of the King

The King has reentered the building!  No, not Elvis, face it ya’ll, that dude is DEAD.  I’m talking about Patrick, a Jiu-Jitsu brother who I once dubbed “King for a Day”.  He is the blue belt who stands to my right in line, and I can tell he’s my big bro because he likes to pick on me a lot (and vice versa ;).  Sometimes obligations take him away from the dojo, but he’s been around, off and on, for a long time.  Several years ago I even helped teach his kids in the tiny kids martial arts class we used to have on Saturdays.  “Tiny Kids” wasn’t the official name, but that’s what most of the students were.

The reason Patrick got to be King was because a couple of years ago I happened to catch an awesome moment on video, where he did the unthinkable, and submitted our Jiu-Jitsu instructor Conan.  I wasn’t even filming their roll, then something told me “Turn on the camera NOW!”, and I was just in time to catch the sub.

Conan was a good sport about the merciless teasing I heaped upon him, but in the interest of fairness, both Patrick and I will readily admit that Conan was taking it easy on him, and he let Patrick get him in side control.  Still, Patrick deserved to be named King, because the sight of Conan tapping brought joy to many people across the land.  It’s not every day someone defeats The Barbarian (and someone else films it)!

Welcome back to King Patrick, I miss him when he’s not around.  Until his duties take him away from the dojo once again, I am happy to stand by his side.  I should’ve extended his reign beyond one day, because the kingdom needs him!  For every time The Barbarian is defeated, he merely comes back more powerful, and even my wizardry proves to be no match against him.


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