Papa’s got a brand new brag

The terrible day has come that I no longer outrank my husband in Karate!  We started training at the same time, and we tested for Shodan together, but since I am older than he is, I have always technically been his senior.  Now I can’t hold it over him anymore, because yesterday he tested for Nidan.  I did not test alongside him, because you actually have to know the requirements!  By the way, I’m only three years older, so I don’t think I qualify as a cougar. Maybe a leopard, but I prefer tiger.

Shihan held a five and a half hour Karate workout yesterday, for black belts from the SRSK organization, during which he conducted Joe’s test.  We had about twenty black belts from several different states, ranging from 1st to 10th dan, so it was a pretty intimidating environment to be tested in!  I only participated in part of the workout (because my sore knee dislikes kick drills!), but I’m still feeling it.  Joe passed his test with flying colors, despite me trying to hex him so that he would fail and not rise above me!

The workout was great, and one of the things I participated in was the drill where one person attacks and the other defends the whole time.  Shihan must have decided that only having one attacker was too easy for a tiger like me, so he had both Mike and Corrina attack me at the same time!  It got a little scary when Mike almost swept me (on the floor, not the mat!), but my awesome gi-gripping skills (which I’ve cultivated in Jiu-Jitsu) saved me.  As I was falling down, I was able to reach out and grab Mike’s gi, then pull myself back up with it.  If I hadn’t done that, I would have hit the floor, hard!  Luckily, I did not pull Mike down with me instead.  I swear I wasn’t trying to get him in my guard!

I think it was appropriate that Joe left the black belt workout/testing a half hour early to teach the kid’s class, because I believe all the time and energy he devotes to the Karate kids is part of the reason Shihan wanted to promote him.  A few years ago, Joe reluctantly took over the Friday class, and he ran with it.  He also saw the need for a youth class that was geared towards advanced ranks, so he started one on Sundays, and that was the class he left to teach yesterday.  He now has a great group of dedicated students.  They love Sensei Joe, and Shihan loves what Joe is teaching them.

I am proud of my husband, and he truly deserved this promotion.  I know I will never outrank him again, nor should I.  However I feel the need to remind him that this only applies when we are at the dojo, in Karate class. Other than that, I am still the senior!  


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