After Adam mistakingly thought I was a purple belt, I was contemplating when that dreaded day does come, and I realized that I will probably no longer be able to compete in Jiu-Jitsu.  I can only afford to do local tournaments, and there are almost no other blue belt women competing in Nebraska right now, let alone higher ranks.

The only competing purple belt woman that I am aware of is my teammate Sara, and she already knows she can beat me any day of the week, so I don’t think she’s interested in competing with me anymore.  Our women’s Jiu-Jitsu teacher Amy is also a purple belt, but she doesn’t compete.  Even if she did, I would not sign up for that!  I already know how it would go: Amy throws Gina and submits her in .05 seconds!  It’s a new world record for complete and utter domination!

So yeah, my purple belt competition options appear limited, unless I’m allowed to fight men (which I’m not opposed to, it’s what I do 99% of the time in class).  At one of our tournaments there were no other woman signed up, so I asked Amy if there were any smaller guys I could go against.  She said “Well, there’s a 14 year-old boy, but he weighs more than you.”  I do not want to fight boys!  I’m aware that fighting dudes would put me at a disadvantage, but I’m not as vested in winning as I am in learning.  However, I have been advised that it might not be safe for me, because the male ego is sometimes more willing to hurt a woman than to lose to her.  I even have to deal with that kind of problem during open mat, so I know it would be much worse in competition. At that tournament when there were no women to fight, I ended up doing a match with Martìnez, and he’s my dojobro, so he beat me kindly.

I’m just speculating, who knows what will happen in the future.  Hopefully I won’t be promoted to purple belt for a couple more years, and by then there will be lots of purples competing!  Perhaps I won’t even be interested in competing anymore by then.  Maybe I will just pay the USJF fee and start competing in Judo instead.  I might even quit martial arts entirely, you just never know.

6 comments on “Purple

  1. My teammate Angela is also frustrated, being a purple, and in our local tournaments she almost never has anyone to fight. There are lots of female blue belts coming up, but by the time they turn purple, she will be brown. :(I don't know if you read Shakia Harris' blog, but she is also blue and doing quite a bit of travelling to compete- and STILL often finds herself fighting white belts.It might be good for you to try to get to PanAms or some other large tourney once a year, if you're interested. Some of your teammates might be willing to kick in a few bucks to help send you!

  2. Thanks, Kitsune. Another issue I have is that our school is not IBJJF, so I can't compete in any of their tournaments, but I could do NAGA or something like that.The competition scene around here is also not deep in purple belt men who compete, so it's hard for either sex to get fights as they advance in rank.

  3. Sounds like a good opportunity for a school field trip to a big comp once a year (at least for the uper belts)! You could have a bake sale and a car wash to raise funds! ;)Well, here's another idea (still involving travelling, but maybe not quite so much expense/pressure). You could try to do a trip or few to the larger cities on occasion, and connect with other female BJJ'ers via the internet ahead of time and go in for a few open mats. This kind of thing can also be combined with family vacations or visiting relatives (Hey, let's go visit Aunt Ruth/take a trip to Vegas/see the Grand Canyon)… and while we're there, I'll sneak in a couple of open mats with Jill and Terri….I've take Julia from Jiu Jitsu Forums, Preston and Sue from Sub 101, and a few other people to class with me while they were in town doing other things. THe BJJ community- esp us ladies- tend to be welcoming and happy to have someone new to play with- especially if we don't have many other women in our gyms at home.

  4. It's true! I went to class with her! ^_^ I also have met several people from the jiu jitsu community. I had an amazing time and was thrilled about the people I met. You have a fantastic opportunity to meet wonderful people from around the world SIMPLY because you are a female BJJ blogger. Take advantage of that!

  5. You guys just want me to visit so you can beat me up! ;)Seriously, thanks for the suggestions! It is definitely something I will keep in mind.

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