Half the gi it used to be

I was a little disappointed that David Danger was the only person who noticed I was wearing a new gi in Jiu-Jitsu class yesterday.  It’s black, like my old one, and not flashy, so it probably didn’t seem much different to everyone else, but it sure seems different to me!  First of all my old gi was no longer black (which became apparent after one of the Judo kids asked me why I had a grey gi.  I should have said “Because I’m old!”), and my new gi actually fits.  The old one had shrunk so much that it’s now better suited for an eight year-old.

I gave Danger a hard time about his gnarly gi, and I offered to give him my old one (him trying to fit into it would be hilarious!).  His gi is worn out and ripped up, the black collar is now white, and it’s torn down the side.  In all honesty, I actually like David’s tattered gi.  It’s been around awhile, but it still does the job.  Danger’s not spending his money on gis to look the part, he’s spending it on competing, actually playing the game.  After I wrote that he competed the most out of everyone in our Jiu-Jitsu class, he added it up, and he has done 23 grappling tournaments in the past four years.  His gi has earned it’s wear, and it’s beautiful to me in a way that no new gi could ever be.

But, I do love my new gi!  I decided to get a Fenom black pearl, because I wanted one that was made for girls, but that wasn’t too girly.  I like the simplicity of the design, it fits well, and it was reasonably priced.  Hopefully it will not shrink too much, and I will be wearing it for years to come, until it gains as much character as David’s.


4 comments on “Half the gi it used to be

  1. Nice new gi. I love my Fenom. Good quality, nice on the eye and you can't beat the price. Mine have not shrunk that much at all. They hold up well and can take a beating! Have fun breaking it in!! :D

  2. I'm getting me this gi too :). All the girls in my gym has got at least one Fenom gi, am glad to be joining in the bandwagon.Btw, cute name Ginger Snaps! I have a cat named Ginger, when I read 'beware the wrath of Ginger', I actually imagined my cat being annoyed :).

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