Do that judo voodoo that you do so well…

Judo Fight Club Rules

Our women’s Jiu-Jitsu teacher Amy is also a brown belt in Judo, and she will be competing in the Judo State Games on Sunday (which I think is the real reason she wants me to compete, so I can suffer with her!). Last year when I competed in Judo, even though it was just an exhibition match, I was very concerned with not breaking any rules (and I did not!). I feel as though some Judoka expect Jiu-Jitsuka to be rule-breakers, so I didn’t want to stand out in that way, but it was still completely obvious that I’m a Jiu-Jitsu player. After I competed some people asked me what I train. Not where, what.

I guess I did break one of the Judo etiquette rules when I turned my back to Ken after the match was over. I walked right by The Cap’n, and he grunted “You’re supposed to walk backward!”. Um yeah, I knew that, I’m just not good in reverse. I can’t walk, skate, or drive backward!

Judo has too many rules for my taste, and if I do end up competing this year, there’s at least a 50% chance I will break one of them. I haven’t been thinking about Judo lately, and I can’t even remember what half of the rules are. Amy doesn’t really want to compete, she only entered because there was just one woman signed up in all ranks. That’s the same reason she says she wants me to do it, the only other woman entered is a white belt, and she doesn’t have a competitor as of yet.

They also don’t have many volunteers to help with the Judo State Games this year, so I know I will be working in some capacity. David Willis, the director, was even asking if people could come and coach our students, because everyone who is available from Judo will probably be working. I don’t think they want me to coach…”Now grab their legs! Crossface them!”

If you’re a Roseberry’s student who knows anything about Judo, you are welcome to come to the Judo State Games at the dojo on Sunday, July 22nd at 10am and help coach!  Or anyone who wants to can just come and watch, there’s no spectator fee. You might even get a chance to see me get hansoku make (disqualified!). It’s a slim chance, because even though I told Amy I would compete if they needed me to, my knee still isn’t feeling great, so that’s another thing to add to the list of reasons I don’t want to do it. Amy is worried about losing her matches, but like Shihan always tells me “Just go out there and do what you do.” (but try not to break any rules ;).

I should warn you, if you come to the Judo tournament, it will be hot. Hey, I have a great idea, let’s have a Judo competition in a building without AC in the middle of July during the hottest part of the day, and see how many people pass out!   It amuses me when the spectators complain about the heat, it makes me want to say “Try putting on a heavy quilt and going out there and fighting in it!” I think the only reason Ken didn’t destroy me last year was because it was a brazilian degrees that day, and he had already fought in several matches.  I’m pretty sure he was close to having a heat stroke. Either that, or he was taking it easy on me. “Cause he’s a judo child, Lord knows he’s a judo child…” 

So, what have we learned here today? Judo has too many rules, the dojo is too hot, Amy is too worried, and I am too much of a Jiu-Jitsuka to hide it.


3 comments on “Do that judo voodoo that you do so well…

  1. :D I sorta got it from a joke…A guy tells his blonde girlfriend that two Brazilian men were killed in an accident. She says "Oh no, that's terrible, how many is a brazilian?"

  2. Too funny. That's a big part of the reason I never took to wrestling in high school, no matter how many friends tried to get me to do it: too many rules and regulations. I was like, "What? I can't choke people or put 'em in armbars?" Not for me, lol.

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