At first I adored Google, I loved being able to run to it with any random question that popped into my head.  Things that used to keep me wondering for day, weeks, or even months could now be solved with a keystroke…What was the 80’s game with the colored lights and notes that played in a pattern that you had to repeat?  Simon!  What are the names of all the members of The WuTang Clan?  RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and sometimes Cappadonna (I actually remembered all but one of those on my own, sorry Masta Killa).  What is 67 x 142?  9514!  One time, I even googled “Google”.

Victory shall be ours

Then once the initial thrill wore off, I started to become frightened of Google.  I realized I had become too dependent on it, and I could no longer imagine life without it.  How would I ever solve such pressing questions as “What is the name of the band that did that song Push th’ Little Daisies?”  Ween!  I also began to worry that Google knows too much, because it always had an answer for everything I asked (maybe not the right answer, but an answer nonetheless).  The fact that their slogan is “Don’t be evil” did nothing to alleviate my concerns, it sounds like something an evil person would say to try to convince people they aren’t evil.

However now my Google fears have subsided a little, because I have discovered that it is not omniscient.  I recently saw a rerun of 30 Rock, and Frank’s hat said “Alabama footsweep”.  Naturally I was curious as to what that was, so I asked my good buddy Google, but it had no answer!  I tried a few different searches, and I still have no idea what an Alabama footsweep is.  Yahoo and Bing don’t know, either.  I guess it’s good to wonder, because now my imagination is working on trying to figure out what it is.  I’ve decided that an Alabama footsweep is when people in Alabama put socks on and sweep the floor with their feet.

So yeah, Google, you think you’re sooooooo smart, but you don’t know everything!  Ha!  I am actually my husband’s Google, because he always texts me random questions which I answer for him (and 80% of the time I do so without actual Google!).  I would like to point out to him that unlike the other Google, I DO know everything, and I am always right.  I don’t care what the dictionary says.

But seriously, is Google not one of the best things ever?!  Or rather, The Internet, from which Google draws all of it’s power.  Vast amounts of information are available with a click, and it has completely changed the world.

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