Brought to you by the letter M


There was much martial merriment at the SRSK Convention, but I think the highlight for me was when someone (who I shall simply call “M” to protect his identity) thought that he could just duck out of my full nelson.  Silly M!  So I challenged him to let me put him in one and see if he could get out.  He ended up resorting to prying my fingers off to escape (as I instructed him to do).  I teased that he was lucky I didn’t take him to the ground with it, which his son N then insisted that I demonstrate. I pulled M into back control, and once I got my hooks in, he was totally immobilized.  He should just be glad that I was kind enough to not choke him!

I didn’t show such kindness to my husband Joe, who I got revenge against (for telling people that I had quit Karate) by jumping on his back and choking him until he tapped!  After I let go, he took me down and tried to triangle me, but I escaped.  Then Sensei B decided he wanted a piece of me, so he jumped in and got me in side control, but the whole time he was whispering “Don’t make me look bad!”.  Bwahahaha!

See, I can’t even go to a Karate convention without sneaking in a little Jiu-Jitsu!  It was during that short grappling interlude that I somehow managed to dislocate my toe (the little piggy that stayed home).  I taped it and went back to doing Karate, then about fifteen minutes later I accidentally caught it on the mat and relocated it back into place!  I kid you not.  The dislocating didn’t really hurt much, but the relocating did!  At least it’s basically straight again.

During the convention some of my Super Senior Sensei also had a little fun by sneaking up behind me and putting me in RNCs.  No one actually choked me, but they let me know that they could if they wanted to.  I did not challenge any of those people to a full nelson contest…I may be crazy, but I am not stupid!  Even M and J could probably have escaped my clutches, if they had used all of their weapons against me.  They both have plenty of ammo, but neither one of them even fired a warning shot…which is a good thing, because Jiu-Jitsu is a little harder when you’re dodging bullets…even for a G like me!


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