Raised buns

Yesterday in Jiu-Jitsu class, Amy informed me that my butt was out of control!  I did already know about my butt issue, and the main problem is that it seems to be filled with helium, because it will not stop floating in the air!  It’s not very big, so maybe it is simply too light to stay grounded.  I need more junk inside my trunk!

When I’m on top of someone and my butt is in the air, that means that my hips aren’t down, and if my hips aren’t down that means my weight is high, and if my weight is high that means there’s space for my opponent to escape or reverse me, and if my opponent escapes or reverses me, that means my butt might get kicked, so this raised buns problem is a serious thing!  At the last Jiu-Jitsu tournament when Ray was telling me to get low, what he really meant was “Get your butt down!”

In order for my butt to be flying high, that means my knees are also on the ground, and I don’t want my knees to be on the ground!  Due to bursitis and prior dislocation, my knees hurt enough as it is without me crawling all over the mat on them.  I’ll save the knee torture for drop seoi nage.

I’ve known about this problem for awhile, but it continues to be an issue for me.  I just need to keep reminding myself to not allow my butt to go airborne, or else someone might start smacking it down for me!


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