Karaoke for Karin

The Goddess Karin

Ever since we met, my martial arts sister Karin has been trying to convince me to do karaoke with her. Even though I love music, and according to my daughter I know the lyrics to every song ever written, karaoke seems like a form of torture to me. Unlike other delusional souls, I know I can’t sing, and one of the last things I ever want is a roomful of people looking at me.

Karin moved away from Nebraska, but she will be visiting soon to attend the annual SRSK Karate Convention. Awhile ago, before I actually knew she would be coming to the convention this year, I agreed to do karaoke with her the next time she was in town. Now she is going to be here in less than two weeks, and I’m thinking “Oh, why did I promise to do it?!  Now I actually have to do it, and I don’t want to do it!”

I am going to go through with it, because I love Karin that much, and also because maybe she’ll never ask me to do it again after she realizes I’m not being modest when I say I cannot sing to save my life! I think I’m a much better rapper than singer, but no one wants to hear a Ginger and a Canadian lady rapping! I know the main reason Karin wants me to sing karaoke with her is to help me get over my fear, and having her by my side might be the only thing that keeps me from totally freaking out!  I let Karin chose the song, and she selected “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty, because she thinks it suits us both well, and I agree.  I’m just really glad she did not choose this song…

7 comments on “Karaoke for Karin

  1. I was supposed to ask you when and where, because Karin and I intend to join you for our karaoke adventure(and you are the only person from the dojo who is allowed to be there!). We thought it was Wednesday, but we will be available at that time Thurs.(the 21st) so we'll see you then. :)

  2. I thought you wanted to do this; I thought it was on your bucket list. If not, there's no reason to put yourself through torture. It's supposed to be fun! ("Trees and Rocks" would work for fun, BTW!) Let's talk about this more. Hugs!

  3. I don't really want to do it, Karin, but I think singing with you could be fun if I could get over the fear. I was terrified of Jiu-Jitsu at first, too, and look at me now ;)

  4. Alright. Let's just go to karaoke and see if we want to sing. I was doing it because I thought you wanted to. I've done karaoke, so feel no need to do it again. I'd actually rather practice at the dojo–since it's Thursday and there's open mat–instead.

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