Dune worm
Sugar & Spice!

I would like to thank the person who brought a little something extra, namely ringworm, to the Battle on the Plains IV Jiu-Jitsu tournament.  I’m going to assume you didn’t know you had it, but you have proven to me that I do not have a built in immunity to ringworm, like I thought I did!  It’s not a big problem at our school, but when it has gone around, I’ve never gotten it.  After three years on the mat with no skin infections, I thought I was magically protected, but I was wrong.  It wasn’t a completely far-fetched notion, seeing as how I do have a magical antibody (or something) in my blood which makes me immune to some forms of hepatitis.  For reals.

My husband thinks the main reason I’ve never gotten ringworm before is because I wear a gi most of the time.  I now have it on the back of my arm, right above my elbow, which is a spot that would have never touched my opponent, or the mat, if I had been wearing a gi, so I think there could be some truth to Joe’s claim.  Those dirty no gi bastards!  Just kidding,  I don’t want to wear a gi all of the time.  At the tournament I actually saw the first singlet I might even consider wearing!  It was rainbow colors, and it had cartoon characters all over the front of it.  I seriously regret not getting a picture, but I was in fight mode, not “talk to the unknown wrestler wearing the crazy singlet and ask if I can take his picture” mode.  Actually, I’m almost never in that mode.

Despite the name, ringworm doesn’t have anything to do with worms, which is good because worms are mean!  “And the worms ate into his brain“.  It’s mainly been annoying itchy, which annoys me and makes me feel a little annoyed.  Other than that, I just have to smear anti-fungal cream on it, and keep it covered up until it goes away.  It’s a minor case, and I’m glad I caught it early.  I didn’t even realize I had it until it started itching yesterday, so it’s a good thing I was sick this week and I didn’t go to class and unwittingly spread it myself.

Well, now that I’ve had cauliflower ear and ringworm, I guess there’s no doubt that I am a grappler.   I bear the marks, I’m bona fide!


3 comments on “Worms

  1. It was rainbow colors, and it had cartoon characters all over the front of it. ==============If had to fight that guy, I'd be terrified. When you see a *man* at a testosterone-soaked event like that wearing rainbows and cartoons, you know he has the confidence of an epic badass.

  2. He was all muscly, too :-) I'm sure he was a badass, but he was also a really nice guy. He even asked us if it was okay to wear the singlet! In one of his matches he went against a guy who had cerebral palsy and so he had to start on his knees, and Mr. Singlet treated him with the utmost respect and kindness.

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