The Awesomist

Holy shit! There's a dragon in the glass! -Awesomist

The Battle on the Plains IV Jiu-Jitsu Tournament is coming up in five days, and I find myself oddly relaxed.  I know that my skills have grown since I last competed, and my biggest obstacle, as always, is going to be the mental aspect.  I’ve been given specific instructions by my coach Amy on preparing for this competition, and one of the things I’m supposed to do is to tell myself over and over again that I am AWESOME!  Of course it only works if I actually believe it, and I do.  I know I have the skills to emerge victorious, and I’m going to try to not let any self-doubt impede me.  I’ve also been using my “mind gym” to imagine myself dominating my matches.

I wish that Amy could coach me at this tournament, but she is going to be working the main table, so she won’t be available.  Nothing against everyone else who has coached me, but Amy and I communicate very well, and her coaching style helps me to remain relaxed, which is probably the most important thing when I compete.  I don’t think I really even need a coach, I just need a Zen Master who can help me clear my thoughts, and remind me to keep breathing.

Even though I said I was thinking about just competing in gi, I did go ahead and sign up for both gi and no gi (because why not?).  They decided to make no gi all ranks and all subs legal, so it should be interesting.  Amy said if she doesn’t think there is anyone signed up in my division who can challenge me, then she is going to move me up a weight class.  The division I’m signed up for is 115-129lbs, and I weighed in at 119 this morning, so I’m already near the bottom of the pile, but Amy thinks that since most of the time I roll with guys who are much bigger than me, then I should be able to handle a higher weight class with no problem.

I’m ready, and no one can defeat me except myself.  I will not surrender, I will not back down, and I will not lose.  I am the awesomist.


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