Q & A

Sometimes people come to Ginger Snaps with questions, so I thought I would select a few and answer them, just to be helpful.

Q)  why doesn’t hello kitty have a mouth?

A)  Why don’t people in South Park have noses?  Why does Mickey Mouse wear gloves?  Why does SpongeBob have a squirrel friend? Because they’re freakin’ cartoons!

Q)  what to say to a ginger?

A)  I am unworthy to be in the presence of such a goddess/god!

Q)  what comes after white belt in karate?

A)  Total enlightenment.

Q)  sho-rei-shobu-kan legit?
A)  “My people we don’t know defeat,  we crush the strong and percolate the weak daily.” 

Q)  are wrestlers naked in a singlet?

A)  Ewww!

Q)  how to destroy someone in a street fight?

A)  Destroy?  Grenade.

Q)  what rhymes with crucifix?

A)  Mucinex?

Q)  what rhymes with ginger?

A)  Annihilator.

Q)  i thought you were a leprechaun

A)  Not really a question, but I thought I should address it.  It’s a common misconception, but I have no leprechaun blood in me. 

Q)  why women should learn jiu jitsu?

A)  Because submissions are a girl’s best friend!

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