Bills to learn the skills

A couple of weeks ago on the TV show “The Office” they had a silent auction, and one of the things up for bid was Jiu-Jitsu lessons. I’m not sure if I have the numbers exactly right, but I think Dwight said it would cost $180 for two hours of training. That made me curious as to how much it costs per hour to learn Jiu-Jitsu at my school, so I did the math.

Individual dues at Roseberry’s are $65 per month, and there are about 36 hours of Jiu-Jitsu classes offered during that time, so if you attend all of the classes, you pay less than $2 an hour. We also have a family rate of $85 per month, which allows everyone in your immediate family to train. Since there are three Ethridges training at the dojo, that brings my personal cost down to about $28 per month, so even if I only attend half of the Jiu-Jitsu classes, I’m still paying just around $1.50 per hour.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But wait, there’s more! Monthly dues don’t just cover Jiu-Jitsu, you can also attend any or all of the other seven arts offered at the dojo for no additional charge, and with no contracts or automatic withdrawals!  Pay as you go, and if you are not completely satisfied, cancel at any time! We offer roughly 125 hours of instruction per month, so you do the math! Seriously, you do it, I’ve done enough math for one day.

Monthly dues to train Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Daitoryu Aikijujitsu, Kobudo, Iaido Kenjutsu, Aikido, and T’ai Chi at Sho-Rei-Shobu-Kan: $65/$85; the skills you learn: priceless.  By the way, I listed the arts in the order that I want to train them, from most to least, if I had the time and energy to train them all!


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