This is Why I’m Hot

Our dojo is not air-conditioned, and even if we did have an AC, Shihan says he wouldn’t let us turn it on.  We have a few fans, and a garage door we can open, but it gets really steamy in there in the summer.  People who are used to training in AC sometimes have difficulty dealing with the heat when they compete in tournaments at our school, but to those of us from Roseberry’s, it’s just another day in the sweat shop.  It can be pretty brutal, and no matter how hot it gets in therre, it is against etiquette to take off all your clothes!

So, after over seven years at Roseberry’s, I’m used to being hot, which is why it surprised me when I suddenly overheated while rolling with Mike yesterday.  I had to tap out due to my head feeling like it had caught on fire!  It was a warm day, but far from the hottest conditions I have ever trained in, and I really don’t believe I was suffering from dehydration.  I told Conan I thought I was overheating, but I don’t remember the rest of our conversation.  I imagine it went something like this:

G: Call 911, my head is on fire!

C: Ah, just dunk your head in the toilet, you’ll be fine.

I jest, overheating is a serious thing, and it should not be taken lightly!  After a short amount of rest I felt better, so I decided to go ahead and try rolling with David.  A few minutes into it, I was feeling a little woozy again, and I noticed that his side control hurt even more than usual, so I quit.  My ribs were sore, but I didn’t think too much of it at the time.  Fast forward to a few hours later, the pain kept intensifying and I realized that there’s a very good chance that I fractured a rib.  Mike and I were going kind of fast and furious (damn little people! ;) and I don’t really know what happened, but I believe my instant hot head might have partially been a stress reaction due to a rib cracking.  I hope it’s just badly bruised, but luckily it only hurts when I’m awake, so I can handle it.  I probably won’t go to open mat today, but otherwise I’m just going to try to keep training as usual.

While writing this post I was curious as to whether women really do have more ribs than men, so I googled it, and it’s just a myth, but I did run across this inspiring comment.  Enjoy!

“The lord took a rib from Adam and gave it to Eve, and from that point women had more bones. This could be why women have so much trouble doing real work, their ribs restrict their movement!  Men have less ribs in the way so we have the freedom to run around and play football. Women stay at home and cook because that’s the only thing their bodies can do.” –A dumbass whose rib I wouldn’t mind fracturing


4 comments on “This is Why I’m Hot

  1. Ouch! Hope it's not serious. It was pretty hot yesterday. Not to mention David and Conan gave me a really hard time rolling. I felt kind of sluggish and out of it afterwards. I'll probably get used to it by the time it starts to cool down again.

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