Throwing bones

Yesterday was our first Throwing Sunday in women’s Jiu-Jitsu class since I broke my wrist during one.  I have done some throwing since then, but only reluctantly, and I even put this Throwing Sunday off for a week.  Ever since my injury I seem to have developed a mental block towards throwing, which causes me to freeze up.  The weird thing is, even though my wrist was broken because I stuck my arm out as I was falling, my fear does not seem to revolve as much around being thrown.  What I’ve really been afraid of is throwing someone else.Have you got any throws that don't hurt?

Our teacher Amy said the reason might be because I am empathetic, and since I was broken I am now afraid of breaking someone, more than I am afraid of being broken again myself.  There might be some truth to that, especially concerning yesterday’s class, because the person I was throwing the entire time was my own daughter.  In women’s Jiu-Jitsu, we always practice our throws by landing on our partner, which can be pretty scary.  Skyler falling on my arm is what really broke my wrist (although if I hadn’t posted, it wouldn’t have happened, so it was all my fault), and since then she has also developed a fear of throwing, especially of throwing me.

Amy knew neither one of us wanted to throw yesterday, but we showed up, and we worked through the fear.  Skyler and I both threw each other about forty times, and no one was broken or hurt in any significant way.  Except for my feelings, when Amy told me that I should have someone film our next throwing class, so I can see how ridiculous I look trying to do Soto Makikomi!  Yeah well, who taught me how to do it, Amy? :p

I think this throwing class went a long way toward alleviating our fears, and I’m glad we finally got it over with.  I still won’t be looking forward to the next one, but when have I ever?  At least I’m not completely dreading it anymore.  For all of our fears and comical errors, Skyler and I pulled off some nice throws yesterday, so there is hope for us yet.  One Throwing Sunday at a time.


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