After I wrote about The SOB in my last post, someone asked who is the person that I’m “mad at”, so I wanted to explain. I am not now, nor have I ever been, mad at The SOB. I just like to give him a hard time because in a way he’s what you might call my Jiu-Jitsu nemesis. He brought it on himself!

When I started Jiu-Jitsu he was one of the few people who would ask me to roll, and he was the first guy with more experience than me who didn’t hold back when we grappled. It was quite a shock the first time I rolled with him, because it made me realize how much some of the other students had been taking it easy on me. There’s a good chance he was actually going lighter with me than he would have with another white belt, but the fact that he repeatedly submitted me in various painful ways sure didn’t feel like it!

Frenemy request from The SOB

I appreciate that he’s always respected me as a worthy partner. He’s never been reckless or injured me in any way, but from day one he’s made me really work when I roll with him, and he’s always been willing to help me learn. He reached out to me, and his “tough love” helped me grow. Which is why I am on a quest to submit him! The best way I can think of to repay him for investing his time and energy is by getting good enough so that I can beat him.

He once told me that he knows his days are numbered until I’m able to submit him. When it finally happens, I hope he also realizes that he’s partially responsible for it. I didn’t choose The SOB as my friendly foe, he became one by challenging me.


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