spongebob-i-love-nerds-PP32542Ginger Snaps was recently named a Top BJJ Nerd Blog by Daniel Faggella over at Science of Skill. At first I was like “Excuse me? I am not a nerd, I am super cool!”, but then I realized a few things…

1. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m a nerd, just that nerds might like my blog.

2. When you put BJJ in front of any word, it automatically becomes cool, so “BJJ nerd” is an oxymoron.

3. I am, in fact, a nerd.

Coming soon to a theater near you “Revenge of the BJJ Nerds”…picking on these nerds could be hazardous to your health! Seriously, Daniel said some very nice things about Ginger Snaps, and I am honored to find myself in such great company among the other blogs he has included!


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