In the spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…Jiu-Jitsu…or at least that’s how it seems considering the slew of new white belts we have in class lately! I can’t keep track, all white belts look the same to me. Just kidding! Let’s see, there’s Ben, and Steven, and that one tall guy, and the guy without a gi, and the guy with a gi, and the other tall guy. I apologize if I forgot anyone. I’m excited about all the new blood, figuratively and literally. By that I mean I intend to draw blood on the new guys! Again, just kidding. They seem like very nice people, I don’t want to frighten them away with my awesomeness.

It’s cool that we have so many new students beginning their Jiu-Jitsu journey, and this spring I feel like I’m starting a new leg of mine. I was on the senior side of the partner rotation in class yesterday, and for once I actually felt like I belonged there. There was a time I doubted that would ever happen, but being surrounded by new students really shows me how far I have come since I was one of them.   Everything is finally coming together in my training, and it’s an exciting time because I can tell that I am growing. This past winter was especially tough for me, but I made it through more determined than ever, and now I’m ready to bloom.

“Springtime is on my mind
Flowers blooming, all the time
Smell the roses, smell the grass
Old man winter can kiss my ass!” 

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