All Apologies

Happy bunny is not really sorryThere are two words I need to stop saying while grappling, “ow” and “sorry”. What usually happens when I say “ow” is that my partner stops doing whatever they were doing, and I say “Hey, I didn’t tap!”, and then they say “But you said ‘ow’!”, and then I say “So! Sometimes I say ‘ow’ when stuff hurts, but just because it hurts that doesn’t mean I’m going to tap!”, and then they say “Well, how am I supposed to know the difference between a good ‘ow’ and a bad ‘ow’?”, and then I say “If it’s a bad ‘ow’ and I don’t tap, it will sound less like ‘ow’, and more like screaming.”, and then they say “I think I’m just going to choke you from now on so that you can’t say ‘ow’!”.

As far as “sorry” goes, the main thing is that I need to stop doing things which require me to apologize, such as unintentionally head-butting my partner in the nose, or inadvertently kneeing them in the groin. I know accidents happen, but they seem to happen more often to the people I roll with.  It’s just because I move around a lot, right?

I’ve even been known to use both words in the same sentence. I will accidentally do something like kick my partner in the shin, and then say “Ow! I’m sorry!” Since it’s basically an involuntary response, I don’t know if I can completely stop speaking during these situations, so I’ve decided to just try to use the words “yes” and “awesome”  in place of “ow” and “sorry”. That way when I accidentally kick people, instead of “Ow! I’m sorry!”, I will say “Yes! I’m awesome!”. Then everyone will just think I’m mean, instead of weak and clumsy!


3 comments on “All Apologies

  1. I was really bad about that when I first started BJJ. People made fun of me a lot for it. I have gotten a little better now, but the "I'm sorry" still slips out occasionally. lol

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