Good Times

Our in-house Jiu-Jitsu tournament yesterday was so much fun! We invited a few other schools to join in the free festivities with us, and I think a good time was had by all. Lorissa and her crew even made the two and a half hour drive down from Kearney, and it was great to have them there. We had a good turnout, and halfway through the tournament I really started feeling the desire to compete, especially since there were three other women fighting. Stupid injured wrist!

For me, the best part was that my husband Joe made it through his matches without being killed or maimed! Yay! He lost both of them, but he fought well. His first match was against Tyler, who submitted him with a straight armbar. I wish we had that match on video, since I missed most of it (partially because I was working the bracketing table, and partially due to a physical inability to watch, out of fear). Apparently, Joe made Tyler’s face turn purple with a gi choke, but he just couldn’t quite finish it. I started watching about the time Tyler put the armbar on, and I knew right way that it was solid, so I yelled “Tap!”, and Amy said “He already did.” That was pretty much the extent of my coaching for the day.

Joe’s second match was against Spencer, which we did get on video (because I begged Ken to film it for me, and he also coached Joe, thanks Ken!). This match went the whole five, with Joe losing on points. He got two for the takedown, but then Spencer racked up eighteen on him. I’m pretty proud of Joe for refusing to be submitted, it looked close a couple of times. However I just have to point out to him that he’s always telling me to get off my back, don’t be on the bottom…yet he spent the majority of this match there…getting out isn’t as easy as it looks, is it Joe? :p

We’re planning on having another similar tournament in the next few months, and I’ll be ready to compete in that one, so I can’t wait! The level of sportsmanship and goodwill among the competitors at this tournament was such a nice thing to see. There were no egos, no anger, no injuries, just people who love grappling sharing it with each other, and helping one another improve. It was one big happy extended family! Joe didn’t really lose anything at this tournament, and neither did anyone else who was there.


2 comments on “Good Times

  1. I would like to publicly thank Sensei Dave Ossian, who taught me the take down into side control which I was immediately proud of. I also felt very relaxed in both of my match's and even though Spencer rolled on me, I was working for a wrist lock from underneath. I am so sore…Joe-Jitsu

  2. I don't really know how "public" your thanking of Dave is, since maybe three people who know him even read this blog ;) But the thought was nice, and it was a sweet takedown.

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