Where there’s a Will

So, I just reluctantly taught my first Jiu-Jitsu class (consisting of one student) last Sunday, then yesterday when I got to the dojo there was a bunch of freaking white belts and Fuji. I was like “Oh, hell no! If someone who outranks me doesn’t show up in the next five minutes, screw you guys, I’m going home!”. Luckily a knight in a shining purple belt, Will, came in and rescued me from having to teach. Phew!

Will & Jerad

I don’t know if I really would have left, but I was in full panic mode prior to Will’s arrival. I suppose I could have done alright teaching, since most of the students were actual white belts who don’t know anything (as opposed to trained people from other places masquerading as white belts, or worse…white belts who think they know everything). You have no idea how often I, as a blue belt woman, have new white belt guys trying to tell me how to do things. It might be because I can come across as having no confidence, but it’s truly amusing when new people try to teach me things and they are just absolutely wrong. However, the white belts I worked with yesterday did not say anything to me, they just did whatever I told them to. I think I could have been their leader if I had to.

I couldn’t have done nearly as good of a job as Will did, though, and we surely would not have worked on X guard. Also if I was the teacher, it probably wouldn’t have been cool for me to attack Bauer in the middle of class and tap that punk out! So, I’m extra glad Will took the helm, and it’s awesome to see his progression, he is really turning into a great teacher. Maybe someday I will be, too.


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