Half Breed

Class of '87

My natural hair color

I have a confession to make…I’m only half ginger.  My mom is a full ginger (although she has been dying her hair blond for years), and my dad had dark brown hair.  I got a little of both, so my natural hair color is really reddish-brown, not true “penny copper” ginger red.  When I was younger I hated the red in my hair, and I dyed it all different colors (blonde, brown, striped, pink) but at some point I decided to just embrace it.  Now I have been “enhancing” the red in my hair for so long that most people who know me think I am all ginger.

I can pull it off because I did inherit ginger skin.  It comes in three shades, depending on my degree of sun exposure; white, freckled, and lobster.  I think one of the reasons I look somewhat young for my age is because I gave up on the hope of ever getting a tan a long time ago, and I stayed in the shade where gingers belong!

Not my natural hair color

A few years ago one of my Sensei gave me the nickname “Ginger the Annihilator”, which led to me naming this blog “Ginger Snaps”.  Although I am technically not a full ginger, I think it’s obvious to everyone that I am evil and I have no soul, so being ginger suits me.  Besides, which is scarier…a ginger who can’t help it because they were born that way, or one who chooses to subject themselves to the torture of being a redhead?

I see “Ginger” as sort of my alter-ego, which makes me feel more comfortable coming out of my shell.  Gina is a shy, sensitive person who really doesn’t want to hurt a fly, but Ginger…well, she might “shoot a man in Reno, just to watch him die”.

Q: What’s the fastest way to a man’s heart if you’re a redhead?
A: Through his ribcage.


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