Naykid pepol no cloths

Gingerbread woman with clothsSomeone came to this blog yesterday by searching for “naykid pepol no cloths”, which amuses me to no end. I’m sure they were greatly disappointed, because I do not now, nor do I ever intend to, have any pictures of naykid pepol with no cloths here. Not that I have anything against naykid pepol, they can be super awesome! Unless they are clothless because they are on illicit substances. Taking off your cloths is a common step on the drug-induced rollercoaster as total insanity sets in, so you should avoid interactions with those kind of naykid pepol!

So, if you’re searching for some naykid pepol, sorry, you’re in the wrong place. Unless by “naykid” you mean pepol training without gis on (which kind of feels to me like I have no cloths).  It’s not very difficult to find naykid pepol on the internet, but this isn’t the place. Even my gingerbread pepol have cloths!

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4 comments on “Naykid pepol no cloths

  1. Yeah, that is very disturbing! At least I know why they came here by their search (because I've talked before about not wanting to grapple with nekid people on the street), but your's is just so random and odd. :/Btw, my favorite search term anyone has ever came here by is "jiu-jitsu women can break arms"…yes, yes we can.

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