Captain Judo

Judo Master

I’ve mentioned before about The Cap’n Sensei’s relentless quest to turn me into a Judoka. A few years ago, I took Judo regularly for a short while, and ever since I stopped doing so, he has been trying everything he can think of to get me back. Bribes, threats, intimidation…he’s tried them all!

There have been a few times when I thought he might have given up, but no, he was just figuring out new tactics. The other night when we were celebrating Shihan being promoted to 8th Dan in Judo, The Captain took the opportunity to inform me that this would be the perfect time for me to come to Judo, because they have three new women, and a couple of them are my size! He also reminded me that they have separated the adult and youth Judo classes now, so I wouldn’t have to “work with any unruly kids”. But Sensei, I am an unruly kid! You know that because you’ve had to tell Ken and I to “Knock it off, children!”

The thing is, I know I could always use more Judo training, but I don’t want to give him the satisfaction! I’m (mostly) joking about that, I have a bunch of other excuses for not going. If he thinks his persistent pestering is going to wear me down, he’s got another thing coming. Stubborn is my middle name! Okay, it’s not. My middle name is really Imayseemcalmbutihavealreadykilledyouthreetimesinmymind.

It’s funny that Joe also stopped going to Judo (and he trained it a lot longer than I did) but The Cap’n never says anything to him about going back! It might just be because he doesn’t like Joe (^.^), but I suspect that he is really more interested in stealing me away from Jiu-Jitsu! Sorry Sensei, but that is never going to happen. I might visit every once in awhile, but Judo is not where my ♥ is. However, now that I know about those new women, I might just come back to Judo class after all…solely with the intention of talking them into trying Jiu-Jitsu ;)


2 comments on “Captain Judo

  1. i admit that i prefer jiu-jitsu to judo, but i keep taking judo because i think it's a great addition to my martial arts arsenal. it's a tough art but i think it compliments my striking and submissions. where is that judo comic from?

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