Type O Negative

BloodI bleed often in Jiu-Jitsu. It seems to happen the most in women’s class, it doesn’t even feel like I went to class if I didn’t lose some blood! It’s probably because the bulk of our women’s class usually involves grappling drills, so there’s more chance for injury. The cause of the bleeding is usually because some of my sensitive “princess and the pea” skin got rubbed off. You would think that after almost three years on the mat it would have toughened up by now! It has gotten better, I don’t bleed at every single women’s class anymore.

Luckily, the other women in class are not grossed out by it (maybe some of the new one’s were, which might be why they never came back ;) That’s why I wear a black gi now, to hide all of the blood! Skyler’s white gi is sporting more than it’s fair share of blood stains, and I’m sure most of them are mine. Last Sunday, Amy noticed fresh blood stains on Skyler, and everyone looked at me like “Where are you bleeding from this time?”  It was me.

I thought the blood was coming from the mat burn on my foot, but it turns out it was coming from the back of my ear. It’s not even the ear that was cauliflowered, it’s the other one. In one of my matches at the last Jiu-Jitsu tournament that I competed in, my ear got folded over and crushed, and the back of it was split open. I figured after I took a couple of months off, it would be fully healed, but it’s not.

Yeah, I never got that head gear I was talking about, but I guess it’s time now. It’s certainly a better option than what The Doggfather told me when I asked him what I should do to help my ear heal “Put neosporin on it and stay home”. I already stayed home for two months, I’m done with that.


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