Little Sister

Women’s Jiu-Jitsu was extra special today, because we had a guest from out of town.   The lady who I competed against in no gi at the 2011 State Games, Lorissa, joined us for class.  She’s from Kearney, Ne., and she and her husband were in Lincoln this weekend, so they went to the no gi class together, then Lorissa came to the women’s class.

It was really great to see her, and to train with her.  She’s almost my age, and she’s about my size, which is a rare experience for me.  It’s even more rare for her, because until recently she had no other women to train with.  A few months before the State Games, our dojo put on a small tournament and Lorissa competed in it, which was the very first time she had ever grappled with another woman!

She only trains no gi, and we were having gi class today, so she got to get a little bit of experience on gi chokes.  She wasn’t wearing a gi, but we showed her how to use them against us.  The focus of class today was choking, so that was the only type of submissions we were allowed to use.  Of course, I mostly just tried to triangle her from all positions (partly because that’s what I do, and partly because the other chokes still bother my achy breaky wrist).  I never once even came close to finishing one of those triangles.  Lorissa also has the most wicked mount defense I have ever experienced.  Even when I did manage to finally mount her, I could not hold it for more than maybe two seconds before we were in half guard.  She’s a total leech with that tiny little body, there were no spaces anywhere!

Lorissa and her pigtails are more than welcome to share the mat with me anytime!  I am so glad that she took me up on the offer to come and train with us.  She and her husband have done Taekwondo for a long time, and several years ago they started training BJJ.  They now run a small school in their home, and if I’m ever in Kearney, I will definitely stop by!


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