Rust Never Sleeps

Number of times I was supposed to take my brace off: 0
Number of times I have taken it off this week: 3

In my defense, I didn’t leave it off for very long, and I didn’t actually try to DO anything with it off. I was just overwhelmed with the desire to let my arm be free. As soon as I took it off the first time, I realized it was not a very good idea. That didn’t stop me from doing it a couple more times, though.

Rusty RustoleumObviously my plan to hibernate until my broken wrist heals didn’t work out. There are a few reasons; first of all I’m a terrible sleeper, and to remain asleep for any length of time would require someone to choke me unconscious every few hours. Another reason is that when my husband heard of my desire to hibernate, his response was “Rust never sleeps.” I wanted to smack him for being right.

I can feel the rust creeping in, and I don’t like it, not one bit. Although I will be able to safely remove the brace soon, I can tell it’s going to be awhile longer before it’s fully healed. For all the things that I can do, there are still things that I can’t and won’t be able to do for some time. However I’ve decided that once the brace comes off, I am going to go to every class I can, and do everything that I am able to do. I will not let rust win.


4 comments on “Rust Never Sleeps

  1. I soooo can empathize with this! This whole year has been, for me, 'the lesson of the knee'. Missing weeks of practice, feeling the loss of muscle as well as technique, it feels like a lost year to me. And with surgury last week, the inactivity on top of my normal energy level…I wish I had the option of simply staying under until I am all healed.

  2. I'm sorry that you have to go through that pain, Narda :( It's one thing to feel like your training is on hold, but to feel like you are sliding backwards is really hard to bear.

  3. I know your pain… no not the wrist, the time off from the mat. Instead of training, try studying the game. Watch video, take notes, create a list of every position you know and then make a flow chart… and so on. It'll help you out once you are able to get back out there.

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